Sunday, 16 June 2013

Black Ops 2 Season Pass Generator

Black Ops 2 Season Pass Generator

Download the best Black Ops 2 Season Pass Generator on the internet for free.

Hello and welcome to our site , first I want to tell you that this generator was made by Elektrix Hacking team from United States.
We are a freelancing team who develop hacks for newest games that work , and will work forever.
We got the ideea to develop an BO2: Season Pass Generator when we saw multiple forums posts that users wanted to test the multiplayer without buying the game so we started working and working untill we finished this amazing hack ( see the photo up ^)
This hacks is very easy to use , and works on every operating system.
To use this hack select your region ( EUR,UK,USA) and your console(Steam,PS3,XBOX) and be ready to click the "Generate" button. After clicking the button copy the generated season pass code and paste it on Steam,Xbox or PS3 and enjoy the full game and upcoming DLC releases.

Features of this awesome hack:
  • Easy to use and nice design
  • Free for lifetime
  • Generating unlimited working season passes
  • Works with every operating system


    1. Select your region
    2. Select your console
    3. Click generate button